Working with distractions

My working area is in my dining room right now. There are plans to build me an office but the money to fund that project is not there yet. Therefore, I work in the middle of the house. Between my husband, our two teenagers, our two dogs and the notifications on my phone I have quite a few distractions every time I sit down to write.

There are the times that I have turned my phone on silent or even off and given the warning to the family that they will regret interrupting me when I have gotten fed up and I really need to get work done. There are also times like today when all I needed to do was sit down and write this blog post. I sat down and was having a hard time trying to decide what to write about today. After about a half hour of trying to get my kids to leave me alone long enough to do write it I decided some advice on how to write with distractions was a good post.

On the days where my focus is just not all the way there and the family is being distracting I don’t try and force it. I usually just get done what I can and then move on to something else. If I am trying to write and the focus isn’t there and I keep losing where I am I just get frustrated. The more frustrated I get the more the story doesn’t flow for me.

On the days that my focus is point on I don’t even hear my family being distracting. Those are the days that my husband has put his hand in front of my computer screen to get my attention to force me to get up and move around. Sitting in front of my computer all day without getting up and moving is not a good idea for me. He makes me get up and move around for about 15 minutes every few hours. That is actually a very good idea because it gets you out of the story long enough for you to see something that you can add.

The point of all of this rambling is that while like me you may not have a “writing cave” where you can go to write and not be disturbed but you can still write. Some days may be harder than others. Some days it may be impossible. There are days that I sit down to write and it just doesn’t happen. No words come. I’m sure that happens to those that have a private space to write in too. If you have distractions you will eventually learn to work around them.

Well my son is back so I think my time is done on the computer. You would think with him turning 15 next week he could give me more time than that, sigh.

Until next week keep working toward your dreams.


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3 responses to “Working with distractions

  1. I really loved this post. Thank you for sharing. I have an office to write in. I share the space with my husband and 14-year-old daughter so that all three computers are shoved in the small room. When they are home it can be a struggle to get distraction-free writing time. Though, like you said, there are days when it doesn’t matter. My focus is so there that they literally have to tap my shoulder or wave their hands in front of my face to get my attention.

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that has days where I’m really focused, and some days I’m like my children after they’ve ingested a candy store full of stock.


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