Too late for goodbye

Lately, I do not know that I can clearly identify much. My world has been topsy-turvy and upside-down on so many fronts, I think instead of meeting myself at the door, I’ve just run into the door a few times and said ‘excuse me’ never noticing that no one was there. Looking back, as the song goes, ‘it’s much too late for goodbye’, opportunity lost and alla that.

BUT…it has not been without reason. good gracious mabel I’ve been running…220 with my hair on fire, but running. If you caught last weeks post, you know there is a cover reveal on my facebook author page happening tomorrow for Book of Change… Will you be there?

The Custos (though I’m seriously thinking that title is going to change) is nearly in the hopper…and I’m covered in duck bumps for that. I finished researching and doing “the bible” for the next one to hit the desk, and I am halfway through the piece I’ve been reading/editing for another author, and I got all of my swag for Author’s After Dark wrapped, lined up and boxed to go.  PHEW.

I finally have all the details together for my daughter’s graduation/anchors away party that will happen this coming Saturday…and then, THEN I will have a couple of weeks before the next round of back to back signing events kick up again and I’m on the road. I honestly had serious doubts about if I’d make it through the last couple of months, but now the proof is in. I did.

In the process, I have learned a few things about what loyalty is actually about, found an INCREDIBLE place for swag items for the series that Book of Change and The Custos are in, found a secluded river house rental for an event I have next year and yes…BOOKED MYSELF A WEEK OF VACATION AND WRITING TIME. I’ve been talking about it for the last couple years and finally jumped when I found the perfect spot. The only problem is the road floods out if it rains too much…DARN! I might even be stuck.

Next year, I am looking at the events on my books and honestly paring them back. I have been trying to find ways to maximize events where I know the readers, or have made contacts that will be returning to my table and hopefully bringing friends.  I will spend the money to drive or fly to an event where the turn out and reception is worth the price, as opposed to doing ten others because they are close or cheap. RoI IS a factor. In a time when there is a signing event of some kind nearly every weekend somewhere, I feel like I am finally at a point where I can be choosy and not have to jump at every one. That lesson is actually courtesy of a signing event that is essentially in my back yard that I can’t get a reply from to save my life.

Soooo…I know this is rambling, and I apologize for that kinda. I am not quite done meeting myself at the door…but the frequency is less. I hope to get some kind of rhythm and pace in line soon. Til then, thanks for hangin with me…here, facebook, or live.                               -Sav.


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