Sharing the Love of Reading

Ever since I can remember, I have loved reading. When I was in elementary school, the library was the vast wonderland and the card catalogs were the magic keys to worlds unexplored. More often than not, I’d forget what it was I was looking for in those magical drawers and find something totally unexpected. I visited the middle school library and I vaguely recall where the high school library was. Suffice to say, I didn’t lose my love of reading during those time periods, but I did discover bookstores and the thrill of getting to keep what I read was to tempting to resist….plus…no late fees. I was notorious for returning my books to the library late. Even unto this day, I cannot seem to return books to the library on time.

Frankly, looking at all my books on their shelves makes me smile. By in large, my family members are not big readers. My brother once said, “If it’s any good, they’ll make it into a movie.” smh. He has no idea that the book is always better than the movie…imho anyway. So imagine my delight when my niece from out of town, who was visiting recently, asked me if I knew who JR Ward was. *squeeee!* She had discovered the BDB series and had been reading the only book she had, Zsadist’s story, over and over. What’s an auntie to do? Why order her the books before that one and the one right after. She is eating them up and loving them. I am over the moon at sharing these books with her, and now she will have her own little library of books to look at across the moon and smile as she watches it grow….one book at a time.

Until next week….Happy Reading!

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