Victory is a state of mind

Alphabet week #22 “V”
by Abyrne Mostyn

This week I give you a thought that perhaps didn’t permeate in kindergarten but rather had to be learned through life. Still, it is an important one…victory is not always about being the biggest, fastest, or top-selling author, sometimes victory is the small quiet accomplishment that no one knows about but you. Victory is a state of mind, and a personal metric at that. Sure, there are the best-seller lists that measure public consumption, but what about the endless hours of banging your head against the wall to figure out how the plot works…does that not too represent a victory? Any author who has overcome the angst of that scenario would answer, I believe, with a resounding “Yes!”

Nowadays it seems that every kid on the field gets a trophy because they were on the field…even if all they did was pick dandelions. On the surface I disagree with this. There is a life lesson that is glossed over about the point of competition & playing your best. However, when it comes to the one who overcame, who conquered personal obstacles and demons, even if they were not the star of the team…they too are victors, even if no one else knows it. In those cases, I believe the trophy should have neon lights and sound effects so everyone can know about their personal triumph.

That said, I believe that we have to remember to remind ourselves that we know the challenge, and the accomplishment…and thus, our victory dance is just as necessary, just as earned, and just as powerful as the ones given by others who didn’t see the quest until it was accomplished. Don’t sell yourself short because you didn’t make someone else’s list. Take stock of the goal, the path, and the perseverance it took to reach the end…and celebrate.

Cheers to you, whatever you’ve accomplished in the deep quiet when no one else was looking. The victory is still yours – Own it!


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