Plan With Me – Step 3

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been  going over a simple plan to expedite the writing process.  You can find the previous posts here:

As with the previous step,  the following will be different depending on the path you choose.

Step 3- Set Up Your Support System

Where:  Have a place to write that allows solitude without distractions. It is essential to  reduce as many distractions as possible. Keep the temperature at a comfortable level for you. Generally, a cooler temperature  keeps your body alert while warm and cozy can make you drowsy.

When: Schedule the time that you are going to write. Make and keep the appointment with yourself. Is it during the day? during the evening? on the weekends? Set a schedule!  Aren’t your dreams and goals valuable?  Then treat them as such.  Write it on your planner, on your google calendar – whatever form of planner you have. If you don’t have one get one! Treat your writing professionally.

Why:  If you don’t know why then you are in the wrong field. Seriously, examine why you want to do this because there really isn’t anything glamorous about the writing life.  It’s a solitary infuriating career choice  that makes you question your sanity.

How:  I’m going to address a couple of things here

  • First off, take care of yourself with good nutrition, proper hydration, proper sleep. Be the adult in this area and take good care of yourself. It really does affect your mental state and therefore the creative ability of your mind.
  • Mood music –  music hat inspires you and makes you productive.  If that is classical then go for it.  If it’s  ambiance music with ocean waves, tropical birds and wooden flutes then use it.  If it’s  hard driving heavy metal from NIN or AC/DC then  have at it. For me,   it’s whatever the story demands.  For  some scenes, I use lighter fare, for others I use classical, and still others I put on the heavy metal. Most often I try to get instrumental as I’ve found myself typing out the lyrics to a song.
  • Take a break! Get up and move every hour or so. Stretch your legs,  get the blood pumping  It’s not good to sit  for long periods isolated.

If your option is to hire a ghostwriter,  you still need to implement these action items.  Your system is going to look a little different, but it’s still an important aspect to keep things on schedule. In fact, for you, it’s going to be even more critical to keep on track because you are employing someone else to do the drafting part of this process.  Making the decision to author and not write a book does not mean that you simply slap your name onto the cover. A schedule is mandatory!

Another aspect of this is addressed by Savannah in The Business of You. Take the time to read this excellent short article!

One final aspect of the support system is   the support from other individuals. Don’t expect everyone to jump on your bandwagon. Not everyone will be thrilled for you. Not everyone will see the value of this particular goal.

Hopefully, you will have family that supports you, but that isn’t always the case. Connect with other like-minded individuals  on Facebook, your local area writing group, or  both. Connect with others who know the struggles and can help you when  you are having a personal crisis moment.

I’ve given you a lot to think about this week. Planning is a critical part of the process even if you are a pantser.  So now you have a week to set up your system. Decide when where how and why you are going to write. Last week  you made the decision about who will do the writing.

What’s next? Tune in next week to find out.

‘Til then





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