Regonize, apologize and move on

First, let me apologize for missing my blog post last week. I don’t have an excuse or a long story with the a bunch of circumstances leading up to why I missed it, I simply forgot to sit down and write it. That is not fair to those of you that read our posts. For that I apologize!

I am a firm believer that we are all human and we all make mistakes. We are all going to be jerks at times whether we mean to be or not. We are all going to annoy other whether me mean or not (and whether we are aware of it or not). We are also all going to screw up and of course we are never going to mean to do that. The important part is we don’t dwell on it. We recognize that we did something wrong, we apologize for it and we move on.

With all of that said, I screwed up. I missed my post. I truly am sorry. Now, let’s move on to the exciting stuff.

It’s getting really close to event season for me! I have my events scheduled close together this year. I have one at the beginning of July, the beginning of August, and two in September. I am so excited!! I have all my swag and the books are frantically being worked  on. The first one is done and out. The second and third are really close. They might be out by the July one but it will be close. They will hopefully all be back out by the August event!

Once they are all back out I can put my focus back on the trilogy. I can’t wait to start working on the covers and get them ready to be published!

I have already lined up my events for next year too! Everything is starting to fall into place and I am really starting to feel like an author and not someone that is just playing the part. I am starting to get recognized and other authors actually know who I am when I go to events.

I am getting past the whole feeling like a little kid playing dress up and more like I can actually belong in this world. Then when I realize that I am starting to feel like that I lose some of the progress cause I squeal like a little girl again LOL

Well time to get back at it I only have a month until the next event!

Until next time keep chasing your dream you just might catch it!


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