Reading, writing, and a back burner on simmer…

Another week has passed, and I feel that I’ve been, for the most part, unproductive. It’s not exactly true, but it feels that way. My day job keeps me busy from start to finish, with hardly a chance to breathe. By the time I get home, my brain is mush. It’s hard to shift gears and think in ‘author mode’. I did finish revisions on Eternal Embrace. It’s simmering on the shelf right now. I’m trying to finish up my short story, which feels like it’s taking forever. What part of this is short, other than word count? 😉

I have so many ideas and plans, but all of them have to wait until the time is right. For anyone that knows me, they will understand how very hard that is for me. Patience is not anywhere in my vocabulary. Unfortunately, I have no choice in the matter, so whether I like it or not, all of my wonderful ideas and plans sit on the back burner. And that said back burner is getting full.

I managed to finish reading a couple of books this week. One was a major disappointment. It was so full of errors that it was painful to read. The writing was stilted and didn’t fit in with the supposed age of the characters. I finished it, but it was a struggle. The other one was a laugh out loud story that I immensely enjoyed. It was one of those books that you ended with ‘I want to write like THAT when I grow up.’ I’m definitely looking up the author to find more of her books. She’s got over 20 published, so that will keep my TBR pile full.

My granddaughter has signed up at the local library for the summer book club again this year. I’m proud and happy to see my love of books pass down. I remember when I was her age and signed up every summer for the book club. I always read more books than the form had room for. My granddaughter is following my path. It’s a wonderful program that encourages children to read.

If you have little ones, do yourself a favor and take them to the library. Read to them; or better yet, let them read to you. It’s a gratifying experience you’ll both enjoy.

Until next week,

~ Madison



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