Understand your limitations

Alphabet Week #21 “U

We’re nearly through our alphabet, which in retrospect, I think is a pretty good list. And, I think it’s telling of just how much we really do know about being a great writer…even when we are just beginning. This week we are up to “U” and the title says it all, Understand your limitations.

This too we have known since kindergarten. We did not begin on the top of the monkey bars, as the highest swinger, or the King of the mountain on the playground…we worked up to these things pace by pace and became them. We set goals through huge hearts for tiny feet to become better than we were…and then we set out to make it true. This is NOT to say don’t dream, or reach for the goals…absolutely do that every day. This is saying realize the place where you are, the place you wish to go, and the work that is required to bridge the gap.

Those who hit the best seller lists on their debut work, ARE THE EXCEPTIONS, not the rules. For the rest of us, it is a matter of will and work that will one day afford us the prize. Just like when we were small and learning to do what it took to get where we wanted on the hopscotch, in writing too we need to see the goal, find the route, and work the plan…even if sometimes you have to hop on one foot, or jump with feet in different places to make it there.

Throughout our alphabet you should have seen a recurring theme…being great is a measure of more than sales. It is about setting goals, working to reach them without compromising ourselves, relying on the things we know, and learning the things we don’t. It is about perseverance and passion, effort and yes, sometimes rest. It is about being responsible to ourselves and our words at every step of the adventure and looking back over the path one day with no regrets.

Yes, understand your limitations…but understand too you can overcome them if you are willing to see the whole picture, plot a path, and work toward the goal. YOU are the only limitation that you have. Nothing can stop you unless you allow it to. What will you choose?



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