It’s “T” time

Alphabet week #20

5/27/16 – “T”

Perhaps no week in recent memory is so easily culled to the page as this one. Of all the ideas we have as authors…the go, go, go of getting words to the page, the thing that escapes us, or leaves us feeling guilty is this weeks topic: Take Time for you. As writers we have learned that to get it done we have to drive and be accountable…suit up, show up, and write the next great book, right? While we’ve not talked about it, there’s an alternate route name for that besides success…it’s burnout.

As many of you know I’ve been dealing with a family situation for the last couple of years now. It has worn me to the bone and taken my will at times. Mostly, it has consumed every spare moment that I have and a few that I don’t. My writing has been moved completely off the stove, there isn’t even room on a back burner. For now, that has to be okay. I know, as with the weeks following a book, that when this draws to a close, I will do then, what I have done before…take a break. The value of self-time and self-love cannot be understated. We need the down times to have reserves for the up ones.

We have understood the value of breaks since Kindergarten…it was then called summer vacation, or winter holiday, or spring break. We looked forward with baited breaths to the final bell that proclaimed us free to breathe for a few days, weeks, or months. We understood then, and looked forward to with zeal, the need for down time and we celebrated the time. As a writer, it’s no different now. We need to cherish, and yes, celebrate the time when we AREN’T writing or driving our business brand to the readers. Call it what you need, but remember that you are worth the personal holiday. Allow yourself to relax, revive, and restart to a bright and busy next day…just don’t allow yourself to let it become the prevailing norm. Work needs doing and words need writing.



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