No Pain No Gain

No pain, no gain. As a writer, you may think I’m talking about the writing process and the inherent struggle to get out of my own head, but in this case you would be mistaken. In this case, I am talking about getting my body, which hasn’t done any real exercise for about 7 years. YIKES!

The first decision was to get off my hiney and check out the gym. Let me tell ya, you can check out gym after gym, but it doesn’t count unless you use the equipment. I liken checking out various gyms to watching those exercise infomercials….very entertaining and easy to say, “that doesn’t look so hard. I can do that.”  Uh huh,,.prove it, (don’t you hate that condescending voice in your head that tends to call you on your bs?)

Any way, I did it. I joined a gym…on a month to month basis, and I edged my chances of sticking with going to the gym by NOT signing the membership contract. Yep. I’m trying reverse psychology on myself. *shrugs* A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  It’s been a couple of weeks since my initial visit. I’ve been making the rounds visiting various weight machines, the treadmill, and the two different kinds of bikes, and really…softer seats on the bikes would greatly appreciated.

There is one section in the gym that mocks me every time I enter. The 12 min ab lab. *head desk* It’s one of my goals to flatten my abs and tighten my core and I have yet to step foot in that lab. Why? Because I’m a wimp. There. I said it. I’m a wimp and yet I know it needs to be done. It’s my goal for Thursday. I’ll let you know how it goes….if it doesn’t kill me first, lol Wish me luck.

Anyway….as we gather, in the coming days, to remember those who paid the ultimate price that allows all of us to ramble on endlessly about whatever we want,  I want to wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day weekend and a heartfelt Thank You to the families who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Until next week….Happy Reading!

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