I think I can, I think I can …

I have been approached with offers of being a part of an anthology. This is a huge thrill for me. It’s giving me the opportunity to stretch my writing skills. While I have committed myself to finishing my Kindred series, I often wondered if I had anything else in me, story wise. Both anthology projects are still on the discussion table. A year from now is the closest to any of this becoming a reality.

Never one to put off until the last minute, I started a short story. Just to see if I could. What I discovered is not only do I have more stories in me, I also found two new characters that I’m falling in love with. And they have family and friends that have stories too. Another series? It’s a possibility. It’s definitely something to consider down the line.

For now, I’ve proven to myself at any rate, that I’m not a one trick pony. My journey as an author just upped a notch on the excitement meter. The possibilities are endless.

Time to get writing.

Till next week,

~ Madison



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