I need one good moment. Just one. Things around me have become too full of negative and things/people in decline. I just want an up.

I haven’t been able to focus on my tablet for more than a moment and in those moments I recoil at what I have written. The break is extended. While I need to put pen to page, I have too many other things flying around that demand my attention. I hope you can understand.

Writing is a reprieve (another good R word for this Week 19) However, when the reprieve costs more than it alleviates, the price is too high. So I will cut short this weeks missive and leave you with this:

The path to great writing is not all about the words you put down, but sometimes the words you take in. If you cannot write…do the piece that made you passionate about words to begin with – READ. (One of the greatest “R” words I know.)


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