Wherever the ball bounces

I’m a mad bundle of crazy. I spent Saturday at a truly amazing signing event in Iowa, and then fought the car to get home. When the daughter texts the spouse to warn him “Mom’s rolling in red, you might wanna be ready…” the gig is up. I was HOSTILE, but also happy because it had been a great event. Balance is well beyond me most days anymore as I try to fight my way through the mountains of WTF to get to the joy, but I am determined to reach the joy, it seems I just need to take giant swings to get it and then to reach it again.

That said, Iowa was the last of three in a row for me before a much needed break to wrap a project, see my daughter do Prom, Graduation, and head off on her life adventure with the Navy, before the next three-peat back to back signings kick up in July. I’m well aware of the time constraints and fighting tooth & nail to keep ahead of the next curve. I think I can.

You could turn loose a super ball in my office and it will hit something that needs doing every time it bounces. I’m half considering taking a couple days before school is finished just to have the house to myself to wrap a few bits in quiet. As if… As always, I have crammed as much into my schedule as I can actually fit on the planner pages without going blind from the tiny print. I can’t stand a blank page or unaccounted time. It makes me twitchy. It also likely is what makes everyone around me crazy. Mneh – gotta be who I am.

So, here on the cusp of releasing one and cranking on three, I hope you’re reading something amazing. I myself have finished two books I got in Atlanta, started a third from the same event and picked up 2 more (insert 4) from Iowa (The Krypteia conspiracy) that are tempting the dream fairy to take a break and let me read instead. I’ll keep you posted. So far, I’ve finished Watcher and Protector from Shawnee Small and am tapping my toe HARD waiting for book 3. I need to know now. Elizabeth Raven is on deck and then we’ll get to the monster tomes from the trio I had the fortune to be across the aisle from in Iowa…

What’s on your reading plate today?  Sav


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