Research can be fun

Recently I found I had time that I had to fill up with something other than working on my computer or doing any of the items on my to do list. I am one of those people that is always going and always doing something.

I have a LOT of books that I have accumulated over the past few months for research on my next series. I have started reading them and using my page tabs while sitting in the living room with the family. I made a deal with the hubby and kids about times I am not getting on the computer and I spend some time with them. When that time consists of watching TV I multi-task. They are fine with this because I don’t get lost in the story of the books I am working with. They are not really stories but information.

Last week when I was having a health issue my hubby threatened to hide my laptop, Kindle and books if I didn’t stop and rest. That ended up stretching into Monday as well. It was very hard for me to sit and not do anything.

I did find a way to go around his requests. I am a paranormal author therefore most of my research is about paranormal creatures. I found a show called Lost Girl a few years back. I had watched the first ten episodes but because it was so long ago I had to start at the beginning.

This show is all about the Fae. I has so many different kinds of fae that I found myself riveted to the T.V. This show has my attention and I ended up binge watching the first two seasons. It kept me from focusing on my issue and the time passed quickly. I as also doing research while watching it. I found a way to work and still stay within the requested limitations! Netflix saved my sanity!

Now that I am back up and moving I am diving into the tasks I still need to do. I am determined and steadily working through my list. I am getting a lot done and am excited about some the things that I have in the works!


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