Quiet, Quotient, Quit

Week 18 has arrived. The big “Q”

Q is one of those tougher words to come up with, upon initial glance anyway. With closer inspection comes a conflagration of choices and I had to narrow it down to the three.

Quiet – I personally cannot get nearly enough of this commodity. I feel over run and exhausted more than anything these last couple of years and I am in dire need of a long break. There has been, and continues to be, too much on my plate to manage to balance it with any consistency or overt ability. Something is always dropping and lately, it’s my writing world that just has no place at the table. I long for the day when I get more than a water closet visit worth of personal space & time. The dream is alive, just in the background.

Quotient – generally speaking this math term is a result of division, however from the original Latin, it literally translates to ‘how many times’…or as an implication of multiples. So why is this a word for today? Because writing is a habit, one that I am sorely out of practice in. Are you working your writing muscle to keep it tone and on point to action? What steps are you taking every day to keep the mind sharp and the words flowing? How many times does it take to rework a passage to reach satisfaction? These are the quotients.

Quit – Life happens. Sometimes, it becomes the director of our adventure without so much as a ‘hi, how are ya’ and we’re left with a canvas that’s been painted, not by our own hand. Times like those/these make quitting an almost undeniable urge. Deny it. Quitting is the stuff of regrets. Life happens and sometimes it’s all we can do to keep our heads above water and breathe, keep breathing, keep going. Whatever you do, delay if you must, but don’t quit.




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