Stumbling Blocks

I don’t know about every writer, but I comfort myself with the belief that every writer has a type of scene that is somewhat of a stumbling block….or speed bump on the road to Words on the Page. If that belief is not true, please don’t tell me. Let me live with the delusion I’ve created for myself. lol

My speed bump is love scenes. Not because I can’t write, but because I have read some really wonderful, make you pant, squirm, and wish for a cold shower love scenes. BUT, I have also read some cringe worthy, WTH did I just read, love scenes. There is the whole, what do you call parts and what are synonyms for those parts? There are words that make people shudder in disgust. “Moist” would be one of those words. I’m not sure why, but I’ve seen enough rants on it to know not to use it. You have to be sure that what you’re writing is even physically possible. There is also the emotional connection, and let’s not forget the dialogue.

So why is it a stumbling block for me, because I strive to make my scenes land somewhere between Is It Getting Hot In Here…and…”There Is Not Enough Bleach To Erase That Scene From My Brain.”

The struggle is real, people….It is real. 😉

Until next week….Happy Reading!

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