Mental Acrobatics


That’s my life now. Wake up, BLITZ, go to sleep (or fall asleep mid-something).
I returned from Georgia revitalized but stilted. I had a couple personal hurdles to leap before I could get my work on track. Now, the bone grafts have been done and are trying to heal, the writing agenda has been fully realized (and is also scaring the shit out of me), the information has all come in and the summation is that I’m going to be one crazy, busy, insane person until at least January 10, 2017.

I’m not one to live my personal life out in front of everyone…but a wing and a prayer would describe things neatly for so many aspects right now. Fast forward to the writing part: I have one book on the verge of dropping, another that I’m committed to finishing and releasing AFTER a sneak peek at it in Savannah, Georgia at Authors After Dark (you really want to be at this!!), one for Cherry Adair’s FTDB challenge, and a collaborative venture that I pitched to a bunch of writer friends recently that I’d really like to see happen (or at least start) by the end of this year. Yeahp, insane.

I’m leaving in a couple of days for another signing event…North Iowa Book Bash, which is shaping up to be incredible. I have a SHORT hiatus to work on words after that between Prom, graduation, and a couple other things before the summer signing season hits. I have Writers on the River in July, followed quickly by Florida Author Take over Event, and two weeks later…a week of OHMYGODS bookstuff at Authors After Dark! Start your engines, and fill mine with rocket fuel, I’m going to need it. The signing year for me concludes in St. Louis at Penned…and I’m just giddy to be a part of that event.

So, I’m not ignoring…I’m just running 220 with my hair on fire trying to make everything happen. I know, I know…nothing new. If you see me, and I miss you, just trip me or something. My head is probably entwined in 3 different tales I’m writing and trying to keep straight. .Sav


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