Now that I am back from the wonderful experience of TNEE I am running full speed into the edits and polishing of my series. The books are all in different stages but are moving along.

I am also plotting out the next two books in my head. When the series is done and re-released I will be going back to the spin off trilogy. The first two books are written and just need me to go through them one more time before they go to the editor. That means I will soon be able to get back to what I love the most, writing! I will be starting on the final book of the trilogy soon. I waited to start this book until I could give it my undivided attention. As it will be the end of the story for my beloved characters it will need to completely wrap up and let us say goodbye to the characters from the series as well as the trilogy (no pressure or anything).

I also have a contemporary romance rambling around in my head as well. I will be writing that one when I am done with the trilogy. It is an idea that has been culminating for quite some time. My witches were just louder and demanded they go first.

When I am done with the contemporary romance I will be moving away from romance stories. While there are more situations I can come up with for more romance books, I feel it is time to move on to what is really exciting me.

I have started doing research for the paranormal suspense series I will be writing. I have  a large stack of books to go through and more on the way. My hubby and kids are looking at the growing stack with horror. They don’t understand why I would have to read so much to write.

I have a very complex story line with so many characters and issues that I might have to take a plotting class from Savannah to be able to keep it all straight! The fact that I am even considering plotting should tell you how complex this is going to get. I am a die hard pantser not wanting to be boxed in to anything.

I have plenty of time to figure out how I want to do it as I do my research while I write, go through edits, and publish the next books. I had planned it out so that I would have that time to figure out how I want to proceed.

As for now I am focused on getting the series to the best it can be and back out there. I am looking with pride as my hard work finally starts to resemble what I always dreamed it would be!


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