Back to work …

This past week had totally caught me unaware. Before I realized it, the weekend was upon me and I hadn’t prepared anything for my Saturday blog. The day job has kept me hopping and I’ve been spending my evenings working on revisions of my second book.

Putting Eternal Embrace on the shelf while I prepared for, and then attended TNEE, gave me what I now realize was a much needed step back from the book. Rereading the story, I find myself changing the way the character’s think about things, adding or changing dialogue and strengthening the story, as a whole. At least, that’s my intent.  I’m nowhere near close to finished, but I AM getting back into the groove of writing again every evening. I like to think that I’ve learned a few things since Phoenix Rising and can apply them to future writings.

In addition to working on the Kindred series, I’ve got a couple of projects in mind for the coming year. Between those, and learning to promote Phoenix Rising effectively, are going to take up most of my free time. I did come back from TNEE with a few books from authors I met and a list of books to add to my TBR list… somehow, I need to find time to read too. It’s a vicious cycle, there is never enough time to do the things that you enjoy the most. Unfortunately, like almost everyone else, I have to deal with that make-a-living-thing.

So for now, I’m going to get back to work and write.

Till next week,

~ Madison

300 dpi final


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