week #17 – P


Potpourri and other “P” words

By Abyrne | December 1, 2013

We’ve been doing this alphabet through writing for awhile now. Partly because I have been inconsistent in my posting, but partly too because it was a formulistic way to approach the notion of blogging. For a plebeian effort, I think it has worked well for us.

Today is December 1st, and while we should have finished the alphabet a couple months back, we are only just entering the last 1/3rd of it. I actually don’t feel badly about that at all. Mostly because when I look back at the posts (after going through and deleting all the spam crap cheap NFL jersey bullshit responses), I think we have gained ground. We have persevered toward the goal of remembering what it is that we know to do what we aspire to do…to write.

I realize that this novice approach to writing is perhaps not what the greats would advise us to do, but then again, wouldn’t they? If we dilute down the sage advices from writers through the ages aren’t they really telling us much of the same things in different ways? Sure, we can say ‘peel the onion’ to get to the heart of things, go layer by layer to reach that elusive truth…or, we can say practice makes perfect, fake it til you make it, or smile through the rain until the sun shines. All essentially mean, we have to be persistent in our efforts, whether it is analytical, or of the philosophy of failing forward to grow.

The great virtues count patience among their core values and writing is no different. The agents and publishers out there would reinforce that well, which you would know if you’ve ever sent off your labor of love and waited the weeks and sometimes months for a response, or lack thereof. Patience is not only a virtue, it is an imperative need as we dream and hope for someone else to aid our promotion unless we elect to do it all ourselves…which also requires patience to learn the ropes of the processes along the way.

There are lots of ways to reach the top of the publishing mountain, which path is yours? Only you know. What I know is that there are a few key truths that line every path. One, find your passion…be it subject, process, or audience and write to that strength. Two, know the distance and be ready to run the whole way there. The path is paved with obstacles, they too are the path. Three, be aware of those along the way who are making the journey and be willing to exchange ideas and pay forward the knowledge you have gained. We all need allies and peers, they make us who we are and define how we arrive. Arrive with your head held high knowing that you made it, and made a difference as you went.

The richest, wisest man had not money nor gold,
but an immeasurable commodity, not bought or sold.

He walked with his eyes up, a smile criss-crossed is face,
As he worked toward success and a coveted space.

His arrival was heralded with shouts, whistles and cheers,
At the journey’s last station after many a year.

And he counted among the myriad blessings,
Not the money nor gold, but the friendships & lessons.

In this season of Thanks, please accept my gratitude for each of your contributions to this year of remembering why we do what we do and how to bring it out to pursue our passion…and write.

As always…may you ne’er run out of ink and a fresh page call you to create.


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