Chronicles of me

Several of my colleagues have posted about TNEE Atlanta, and while I too was there, I’ll spare you the running commentary of another post. Well, ‘cept the part where I won Best Costume at The Villains Ball for going as Annie Wilkes Dugan from Misery. It was FUN!

I’m riding a drug high for about another week and things will settle out. The bone graft in my jaw was finally done on Friday and slowly but surely I’m getting my mind back. Now if the rest of me would get with the program.

I have several huge projects on the front burner which is getting crowded. I also have a super secret project that will be held until AFTER Authors After Dark in August so that attendees to the Con there get first crack at it. 🙂 I’ve had several more enquiries by authors interested in joining us here at the Bard, so who knows…could be exciting times around the corner.

For now, I have a crap ton of work to write, a signing in 10 days, and then I need to get my hiney on plans for AAD. I have sponsored a table for the Fantasy Ball and have to figure the décor as well as the special goodies for those who end up with me that night. MWAH-AH-AH-AH… (I also have to figure out how to ship it all since I’m flying this time – maybe. YIKES)

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating


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