Every author will ask for reviews of their books. Many readers think it is just something that we like to see. The truth of the matter that the more reviews we have the more Amazon will help us promote our books. If you can get to the magic number of 50 then all those suggested books you see when you log in will include my book.

I admit I am one of those authors that shamelessly promotes and asks for reviews. If I can get my book in front of readers then I will consider myself a success.

Lots of money and fame is not what makes you a success. Don’t get me wrong that would be amazing, but it is not the main focus. What will make my books a success is if a reader is able to lose themselves in the book and take that small vacation from their world around them. I have been an avid reader since I was young. I know the feeling of escaping everything and losing myself to the world in the book I am reading. I want my books to do that for someone as well.

Next time an author asks you to leave a review, actually consider what they are asking from you. They are asking you to help either make or break their book. One thing I will never do is tell you that they will send your their book if you will commit to leaving a 4 or 5  star review. I will ask for a commitment to leave an honest review. If you feel my book is only worth 2 stars then by all means post that along with your reasons why.

That is the second reason reviews are so important to authors. How are we supposed to know what you feel we need to work on if you don’t tell us? I personally read every review left for my books. I want to know what you thought so that I can keep that in mind when doing revisions or writing the next book. Reviews are one of my most important tools as I take this journey as an author.

Until next time, remember to leave a review for books that you read!


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