What’s in a name

I am insane. I (or my PA Jillian) make all of my swag with the exception of a couple of the paper things and the pens. That said, I’ve been working on a few projects and dang it all to smithereens if something is not turning out like I want. *sigh* I tried a new transfer packet, name brand an all…cuz it had more sheets in it for the same money… I’m finding it’s not as good as the old stand by. Looks like I’ll be returning to the tried and true and sayin ‘sayonara’ to the name brand. Guess it isn’t everything.

I leave in less than 36 hours. I have not packed anything but the books. I can easily grab my swimsuit and toss it in my purse – wonder if anyone would care? The prop for my costume is ready too. Spent the weekend putting that bad boy together, and I’m quite pleased with it. (mind you I have floral foam all over my office now.)

Soooo, what it boils down to is this. I have 3 days of fun and then a HALF table for alllla my whatsits. I’m either going to be doing my Copacabana girl impersonation and stacking bits on my head, or something isn’t going. What’s getting left behind? Whoever knows hasn’t told me yet. LOL. The books will be there; the rest is frosting. Guess tonight the rubber meets the road when the hard lines must be drawn so I can get out of here and get my hiney to Atlanta.

Coming to TNEE? Find me. I’ll be the one in the new swimsuit.

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating



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