Down to the wire

It is two days before I leave for Atalanta. I am so excited about the con and the signing. I have been preparing for months. It is all coming down to the wire now!

I have my signing tote all packed and ready to go. There is so much more than books that have to go in there and I am lucky enough to be able to fit almost all of it in there.

I have my promotions bag packed. I will put the basket for the raffle together when we get there. It is easier to travel with it this way cause I don’t have to worry about messing it up.

I have my costume for the villains ball along with the accessories packed. My makeup and clothes got packed today. All that is left is my bathroom bag and that can’t be packed until the day that I leave.

I even have an overnight bag packed for when we stay with one of the other authors the first night of the trip. I don’t want to have to haul out my suitcase and bathroom bag or anything like that for a one night stop. This way I only have to grab one bag to have all I need for that one night and the next morning.

I have a case of bottled water and some Starbucks drinks so I can have a caffeine fix if I start to get a headache. I have all my meds and migraine pills ready to go. I refuse to let them ruin this for me!

Reading all of that you would think I am organized and ready to go. You would be wrong LOL. I still feel like I am missing so many things. I have gone back through so many times my hubby is rolling his eyes at me. It was a good thing the first couple of times. I realized I forgot to pack shoes! How would I have made it a week with all those different outfits without shoes!!

I will never feel ready or like I have everything so I have to trust that since the hubby was helping me every step of the way that between the two of us we got it all.

I should probably apologize to my boss now because while I will be at work on Monday and til noon on Tuesday my mind will not be with me. I know as a legal assistant it is important but I took this into account and got as much work as I could done last week so I was prepared for this week!

Although my boss is cringing at me being gone for a week he is also supportive so we can’t give him a hard time about it. He will be glad to get me back and have my mind in the game.

Until then don’t be offended if you have to make more than one attempt to get my attention. It’s not you it’s my very distracted brain!


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