Getting ready

I have a little over a week before I leave for my first event of the year. I have never been to Atlanta Georgia so I am excited not only for the event but also for seeing a new place.

I decided I needed a change before I started this years events. I went in for my hair appointment and told my stylist that I am tired of always going back to the same style. No matter how she cuts it I end up back to the same thing.

When she was done I was amazed at how well she did with my little bit of instructions. I trust her judgment to not do something that would not work with my face shape or coloring. I may be able to eventually get back to what I have always done but it will take quite a while. I am so excited and I love my new look!!

I have started packing and getting everything together. I have to pack small since I will be riding down with 2 other authors. That is the hardest part for me! I am used to packing what I want knowing it will fit in my trunk. Knowing I am limited on space is new to me and difficult to adhere to.

My hubby is a master at packing small so I have been following his instructions gratefully. He has condensed everything down as much as it can be. I am hoping that I don’t take up too much room but there is only so much you can pack into one bag or tote.

I am so excited that my books and swag have been packed since I received my last book order. I have had the promotional items packed since that day as well. All that is left is my clothes and bathroom stuff. I keep seeing it sitting there and my excitement grows.

I am a little nervous because this is the first time that I will be on panels. I am second guessing signing up for them. I am sure they will go well but I am nervous about them.

I love the ideas we have come up with for the paranormal party I am hosting with three other authors. That party is going to be so much fun!

I hope to see you there!

~ Miranda

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