week #13 – M


Me, Myself & My

By Abyrne | September 9, 2013

We’ve been talking about all the things that we have within our arsenal that make us great writers, or that would make us great writers if we tapped into them…this is one such post because we need to learn that it is ok to be selfish. The big “m”s if you will…ME, MYSELF & MY. Growing up- many of us were taught to share, to think of others, to ‘put ourselves in the other persons shoes’….with writing it is this for the characters we are creating, but for the real world it is their turn to give way to us. To see inside one’s own head requires vision beyond what’s in front of our face. Sometimes, it takes un-invaded space too.

Probably the most difficult adjustment for my daughters was the idea that when I retreat to my office (which is in the basement), that they cannot come in over and over again with math questions, or boy questions, or just to sit and gab. Writing time is MY time and needs to be respected if everyone in the house ever expects me to come out from the basement at all. It is a difficult line to draw and does go against the grain for what many of us were brought up to know as common courtesy, but think of it this way…our characters and the stories they tell us so we can share are as elusive as garden sprites and will not come to whisper if you are not there to give them your undivided attention. The choice is ours to make…are we writers? or are we not?

If we are, then we have to adapt to a behavior pattern at times that allows us to create and be inspired, or risk the dream of the words… Dream big!


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