More than words

It’s been a week now since Kingdoms Fall released. For some of the family members who still don’t quite grasp the magnitude of the event, it is a bound tablet of words. It is, and it is so much more.

Writing is the pinnacle of crazy, the self-doubt, the hoping that your words convey the imagery you want to show, and the worry that it will miss the mark. It is a collection of words on bound pages, but at the same time it is the culmination of fear, doubt, worry, angst, incredible summits, and the brushing of dreams with your fingertips…if only for a moment.

Sav has passively suggested that I need to get back in the saddle immediately. I appreciate it, but have declined. I am exhausted by the last year of writing and re-writing Kingdoms. Perhaps when the fog clears I will be able to see what is to come, but for right now, I’m enjoying the reprieve and holding my breath to hear what the readers think.

I know it was a long wait. I want to know that it was worth it. I want to know too if it was not. To those who have hung with it and waited for Kingdoms to come and have already ordered, THANK YOU. To those who are just embracing the stories, thank you as well. I hope to hear from each of you what worked, what didn’t, what made you react, and what left you wanting more…it is all on the pages now, and in your hands.    ~Aedan



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