It’s all here

I am going to a conference in Atlanta, Georgia the first week of April. I ordered all the swag and books. I got the last of the books in this week. I am just waiting on the replacement of one of the items for a basket that will be there to help raise money for an animal shelter.

Now I have to start packing. I have everything in the same general area. I have to try to pack small and keep it down as far as possible. There are going to be three of us all riding in the same vehicle so space will be limited.

I have recruited a friend for a bag that I will need and my hubby to help me pack. He always shakes his head at me when I am packing. He is a master at packing small. He is really good at taking a lot but not a lot of space. The problem will be on the return trip when I have to get it all back in (along with the books I buy) for the return trip.

These are all problems that can be dealt with and remedied. What is of most importance is the anxiety that comes with preparing for an event. The never ending questions of do I have enough, or did I buy the right things, what should I put in the baskets?

Those are all questions that will never have an answer. I had the same anxiety and questions last year when I went to my first con. I ended up doing really well and what I ordered was great. I had plenty. As prepared as I am I will still have those questions until the end of the conference.

For those of you that will be attending I have something that you can only get at the con. I have released the second edition of Soul Journey. I will have that with me. I will also have with me 10 copies each of the first edition of the other four books. The first edition is no longer available anywhere but from me personally. I only have the 10 copies left and once they are gone they are gone for good. By the next event I go to in July I will have released the second edition of all the books. This is the last chance to get a first edition and it will be signed!

I am getting so very excited for this event. It is weird to have excitement and anxiety both fighting for the forefront. It is getting so close now and I can’t wait!


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