Mixed Nuts

One of my father’s favorite snacks was  a bag of mixed nuts. He would buy them from a bin at the produce market,  getting a fairly large amount. On days with foul weather, he would sit at the table and crack the nuts then eat the meats and discard the shells. His favorites were pecans and walnuts. In the mix, there was also almonds, filberts or hazelnuts, and brazil nuts. I was apparently the only one that liked the brazil nuts.

Today has been one of those mixed bag of nuts. I finished the second part of an editing job and am contemplating my cover letter before returning it. A spoon full of sugar and all that,  some calls are easier to take with a note about the good parts.  Either that or a stiff drink.

An impromptu call of very short notice that I need to sit in  on a simulcast webinar  that occupied  2 hours of my day, time that was not budgeted. I’m all for change and learning new things, but why does it have to be when I don’t have the wiggle room in my schedule?

I will be starting a new job soon – yay!  But I am having to learn an entirely new software system – BOO!  At least it isn’t as bad as Peachtree –  that was the worst software I have ever used.

 Discarded stool

Discarded stool  cost $0.

Restored with a fresh pop of color. Sold for $30.

Restored with a fresh pop of color. Sold for $30.








3 items that I  refinished/ restored and put into our shop immediately sold, (I’m kind of proud of how the stool  turned out that my husband thought was a piece of junk!) which is good but I don’t have the next items ready to fill the empty spots. Oh, and I managed to get varnish on my brand new shirt. I guess it’s a good thing it was only six bucks. I don’t understand how it happened, I had a long sleeve flannel shirt over it. There isn’t any varnish on the flannel shirt but on my mint green shirt?  yup!  Now that is talent!

Both of my kids are home on Spring Break, which is fantastic to have my family together, but then  my daughter drops a bomb on us that I am not equipped to  handle.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a day with its highs and lows.  I celebrate the highs. I breathe through the lows. Now is my writing time and  stare at the screen. I don’t have writer’s block, what I have is a jumble of mixed emotions that have my mind firmly in a vice like grip.

A flood of memories of my deceased father, concerns for my daughter,  a feeling of helplessness that most parents experience at some point. These feelings of helplessness remind me of times when my children were infants and in the hospital. There is nothing worse than the feeling of helplessness when your baby is in an oxygen tent struggling for each breath.  I remind myself that we made it through that. We can manage  through this. Other parents manage. Breathe.

This may  seem a little heavy and I apologize for that. Fiction authors write to escape the dull monotony of a daily existence or drown their own personal demons. Sometimes we write because of this inner drive to tell stories, to entertain, to express our creative self. Sometimes it’s to offer an escape from the hell that  reality is putting us through. There are no certainties in life, no guarantees of a tomorrow much less a tomorrow with gilded edges.

Right now I’m thinking those hazelnuts and almonds aren’t looking so bad anymore. I sure do miss my dad though.

Be thankful for the good things you have. Rejoice at the dawn of each new day. Live your life with passion and remember the most precious treasure you have – your loved ones.

Go hug someone you care about!



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