Whole lotta

Monday, Monday, Monday…wishin it was Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…cuz I’m OUTTA HERE!! I know the forecast is for rain and thunderstorms, and that’s okay. I need a break from the daily grind.

Gotta whole lotta stuff to wrap up…one by one.

There are only 12 tickets left for the Crazy Cajun’s Bookin in Biloxi signing at the IP casino on March 19TH!!! GO! GO! GO!!!!!

Next on the spring tour of crazy will be The Novel Experience Event Atlanta – for which tickets close THIS WEEK….If you are staying at the hotel the 4 day Convention is FREE for readers…how can you not go?? It’s a lot of stuff happening, dinner, a ball, several costume/cosplay events, outings with authors, and a HUGE signing on Saturday April 9th. sign up before they are gone!!

After that, on April 30th I’ll be in Clear Lake Iowa for a great one day event that I’ll share more info on as we get a little closer….

I’m up against the wall with stuff to do before I leave, but one last thing::

For those who didn’t catch Aedan’s post – the pre-order for Kingdoms Fall e-version is LIVE – dropping at midnight Tonight.  Follow the link HERE. To those who preordered – THANK YOU!

For those who prefer the feel of pages turning in their hands. you’re in luck as Amazon has the paperback copies live now too!  Follow the link PAPERBACK.




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