It’s Live

The editing, polishing and and revisions are done. I have pulled the 1st editions of all of the Soul Series books. The first book Soul Journey has finished its rounds of updating. The 2nd edition of Soul Journey has been uploaded and is live!

I am so excited to be updating and revising this series and with the first book being done and live has made me feel as I did when I first published it. Scenes have been expanded and some were taken out. There is so much more to this book than there was before.

This book if finally the best that it can be. In my defense it was the first book that I wrote and the things that I learned along the way were not included in this first book. Now it has all of that and then some.

I have to thank Savannah and Ellie for helping me make this book so much better. They have helped to grow as a writer and see things that I either missed or just didn’t think of. They asked questions and they challenged me. They made me go deeper and really connect with the book so much more than I originally did.

The book is still my story line. They didn’t say I needed to take something out or change the book at all. They simply gave me suggestions on what they thought would flow better. I took some of their suggestions and ran with them. I also decided to not take some of their suggestions.

The good thing about this process is that every time I would get the manuscript back there was a not reminding me that this is my book and I should not feel obligated to take their suggestions. They wanted to make sure that I knew the book is mine and I should only do what I felt was best for the book.

Publishing a book is a lot like raising children. You put your love and guidance in and anxiously wait on the sidelines to see if they will be successful or if you will be picking them up and encouraging them to try again.

I have put my love, sweat and tears into these books. It feels like a child. I never understood what authors meant when they would refer to their books as their babies. Now that I have published my own I completely understand. It is a feeling like no other.

Until next time, follow your dreams and remember you have to work for what you want!



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