Down to the wire …

I’m *this* close. Phoenix Rising has been edited, formatted, proofed, and corrected. I received the corrected proof, made the final pass, now it goes to print. I’ve picked out Categories and Keywords, and figured out Pre-order and Release dates. That’s it. Now I wait. In a few weeks my first novel becomes a solid reality.

I’m excited and I’m nervous. This is a huge moment for me. I’m braving the ranks of Published Authors and I hope I can hold my own. While writing the book I was at times satisfied with my work and also doubtful of its merit. Thanks to awesome editing, I’m pleased with the finished product. Now it’s time to let others read my book and decide for themselves. Nervous mother watching her child from the sidelines… it’s the same feeling. Will it do all right? Will people like it? What if they don’t? The struggle is real.

Soon, it will be in your hands, the readers. I hope you enjoy Phoenix Rising. Regardless, I want to know what you think. Good or bad. Leave a review, message me … I want to know. It’s the only way I can improve. And I want to get better. I have discovered that I enjoy writing and I want to continue. But I need your input to help me grow.

Till next week,

               ~ Madison


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