week #11 – K


KISS or Kick…whatever you need.

| July 26, 2013

I know, I know….it’s been forever. BUT, in my defense, I’ve been working. Hard. Really really hard as a matter of fact and there is fruit on the vine. *grins*

We are up to “K” in our alphabet soup of great writing and there are two things, both extremes, but two things that really we know how to do, always have…we just need to modify them to get them into our writing. KISS or Kick.

KISS, in this instance has dual meaning. The first is the acronym KISS-Keep It Simple, Stupid….which is great advice. When trying to write or begin writing- stick to the simple things and the ones you know. Reinventing the wheel, rocket fuel, accurate trajectory to the moon….leave those for later or for those who already have those concepts under their belt. YOU, stick to the simple (not mundane) but simple subjects of which YOU are expert or well versed. It makes things so much easier. When we were little we knew this concept well. We didn’t play chase if we didn’t like to run. We didn’t play king of the mountain if we didn’t like heights, and we didn’t to the math-a-thon if we were not good at math. STICK to that thought…SIMPLE.

The second kiss is just that. Kiss yourself. When you do well, have rewards. Look in the mirror and tell yourself the things you need to hear. Self-affirmation is a great way to ‘fake it til you make it’ and get you moving. Just remember to be realistic in your praise and appropriate in your rewards. If you buy a new lexus when you post your first blog, is nice, but where’s the next reward…not to mention if you never write another thing those payments are going to be pretty depressing.

Lastly is Kick….as in kick yourself in the ass. Sometimes, we just need to get off our duff and write crap. WHY? Because writing is a muscle and you have to work it to get it to perform. If you haven’t written, or have slumped off…letting yourself write dreck for a few that will go no where or that you will edit the “EFF” out of later is acceptable as a means to get you into the chair. Kick your own ass and make it happen.

Growth of any kind is a change from where you are right now. How bad to you want it? Change of any kind doesn’t happen with wishing. It happens when you put one foot in front of the other, or, in times of great need, plant one up your seat and do something. Whatever it is, Nothing will change until you do. Get writing.


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