The Best Laid Plans

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We’ve all heard that before.

I had my bullet journal noted. I had the plan laid out.  I had hours of editing and two hours of writing scheduled between cleaning out the third bedroom for my daughter to come back home for spring break. Yeah, it’s kind of been the catch all this past month.

So the youngest leaves for college and I have  from eight to three to work on editing and writing!  WRONG! She hadn’t backed out of the driveway and the power went out. UGH!

I had about twenty minutes of battery power left, not enough to do what I needed. I couldn’t clean out the room because  it was dark. I couldn’t even make a pot of coffee that was the real horror.

I did what any  writer worth their salt would do, I got out pen and paper. The old methods are often the best. I couldn’t work on Valkyrie’s Curse: The Awakening because it was on Scrivener, on my laptop. I did, however, plan out my next  project. And the next two after that.

One of the best things that Eclectic Bard Books has done for me,  was to give me firm deadlines. I have no problem doing the work.  I have  no issues with writer’s block. (Knock on wood – that wasn’t inviting fate to have a go at me) I do seem to drift aimlessly down the river without a deadline.

The dilemma for me is, which project do I pull out of the files? I have  multiples in first draft that need revisions.  I have some that are partially finished. I have some that are  the skeletal form of what they will become. Then I  have new ideas stored in my ideal garden folder, a quick little blurb of my idea. Sometimes it’s notes on the character, other times it’s the first scene that I imagined.

I’d like to say that  I’m a free spirit vagabond like  Savannah,  but in reality, I’m more like an eight-year-old on a sugar high that has ADHD. I really need a heavy dose of focus!

I’m hoping that  my new schedule will help me with that. I have a plan. That’s usually when things begin to go awry.

Time will tell, but until  I get derailed by another shiny, I will be head down trying to squeeze the most out of my writing time.

Till next time





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