All of the above

There are different kinds of exhaustion. Right now, I have all of them.

My body is trying to shut down to recover the lost sleep from a very extensive working weekend. With less than 10 hours down time since waking up Friday morning, I’m overdue.

My brain is spinning wildly, also from the working weekend. Teaching someone how to format, formatting for another person, finalizing edits and formatting for something for myself…I have too many stories running around in my head.

My insides are in full on rebellion wondering when I’m going to remember to eat again. The war against the coffee glut started sometime Saturday…I couldn’t send the surrender flag, I had too much to accomplish.

So, there are different kinds of exhaustion, and I’m sure many others that I didn’t cover, because quite honestly, my brain won’t let me think of what they are right now. I’m going to check the box next to all of the above.

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating


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