Interpersonal Skills

Ages ago I worked for the Defense department. While I was employed there, we were sent to sensitivity training, stress management classes, and interpersonal communications classes.  To their credit, they were trying to educate the working force  to be considerate of their fellow coworkers.

While cleaning out a section in my basement I found  the notebook from those classes stuffed in a box and taped shut. The name plate I saved.  The awards I saved. The booklets I perused. It’s funny to read these things now, knowing that  I barely paid attention to this stuff back when, but it apparently had sunk in.

I now have in my possession a guideline for making my characters communicate or not within my stories.  A handy-dandy little guideline for things that can cause conflict – SCORE!

Yes, in real life anything from pass the salt to screw you can cause conflict given moods and who is involved. Things are better now with the help of  a less stressful job, age, less energy and of course wine.  It was a volatile time  during my twenties.

I’m debating whether to retain the notebook as is or  retype  it with  my added notes into a word document to keep in my digital files. Part of  me points out the fact that I am trying to declutter my home because we simply don’t have the room for boxes that have been taped shut for twenty years.  Another part of me screams NOOOOOOOOOOO you can’t destroy this.  This ” my precious” is golden treasure. This should be saved.  Throw out the awards, throw out those other things – they don’t mean anything.

For the moment the golem inside is winning this particular battle. At least until the next shiny!

Till next time ~



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