Getting close

I am getting more nervous and excited each day. The first conference that I am going to this year is less than 6 weeks away! Everything is starting to come together.

All of my swag has been ordered and the last of it should be arriving this week. Most of the books have been ordered and should be arriving any day. I have all the items to make a basket for the raffle.

I got all of the containers so that I can try and organize my tote. I am hoping that I will be able to get everything in there, but don’t really think I will.

I am using the same stand up banner as last year. I did order a banner for the front of my table with my logo on it and it has already arrived. I absolutely LOVE it!

I have signed up to be on panels at the conference and marked the ones that I want to attend. I have scheduled a photo shoot that I am extremely excited about! I can’t wait to see those pictures and share them with you all!!

There is a villains ball at the conference. I have gotten my costume and all the accessories are here. My friend will be showing me how to do the make up for it soon.

It sounds like I have it all under control right? Then why do I feel like there is still so much more to do? Because I will be going over everything until I leave that’s why. Honestly, even after I leave I will still be going over it all in my head trying desperately to figure out if I have forgotten anything. That is the curse of the chaos in my head.

As you can see I am so excited to get this years events under way. I hope to see all of you at one of the events I go to!


logo 01


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