Set backs

Everybody has a timetable that they want to follow. As things get marked off or overlooked the time table changes. As a writer I have to be able to go with the flow and adjust to what is going on.

That may seem like an easy task but when you are knocked down on your butt for a week adjusting to a new timetable can be pretty frustrating.

I ended up in the ER last week and had to have emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder. For most people that would be bothersome but not something to cause an upheaval. I am not most people. I have a strict schedule that I follow to make sure that I can get everything done.

I was kept at the hospital from Sunday evening until Tuesday afternoon. Of course I had not taken my laptop with me to the ER so I was left with nothing to work on. Sitting and not doing anything is very difficult for me.

The first day that I was able to sit in the chair and get on my laptop was Friday. By this point I was reaching anxiety attack level at not having gotten anything done. I know that it will all get done in it’s own time, but that doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I need to be doing something.

Anyway, I am a little behind but not too bad on my self-imposed deadlines. I can move things along and all will be well. The good thing about wanting to make sure that nothing is ever late is that I usually have things done early. That has saved me this time. I am no longer early but right on time. That helps me to relax a little more.

Now I just have to remember when I get to the office on Tuesday that not all of the work waiting for me has to be done immediately. I can work my way through it just like any other day.

Till next week, keep on working through it and you will find that it was easier than you thought.

~ Miranda


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