Cold, cold, cold

Baby it’s cold Outside . . . and inside.  As I sit here, hoping that  today my laptop might generate some heat to warm my legs, I am waiting for the HVAC guy to show up to repair our furnace.

It  isn’t the coldest day of the year, so that is a bonus. While I wait, I’m putting the theory to a test that  a cooler environment can be more productive. So far I think the theory is  wrong, as I seem to be spending more time stopping and blowing on my fingers to warm them than typing.  Now might be the time to write a scene where the MC is experience bitter cold. Sadly, I don’t have one of those scenes in my story. For that matter, in any of my stories as far as I can remember.

I could give a good descriptive as I am experiencing it live and in person. One college professor was  often advising us to write what we know. If you don’t know, then study. If you can, act it out.   I don’t thin that acting out certain scenes  is advisable. If I were to write some of Abyrne’s books, oh yes.  “Oh honey, we need to do some research. Can you get the  flogger and the dep mask?”  Certainly more exciting research than looking up murderous criminals in Mexico that disposed of his victims  by turning them into soap. Yeah, not going to act that one out. EWWWWW!  But it doesn’t prevent me from writing about it! Score one for creepy villain.

Image from Mayan Codex, taken from textbook.

Image from Mayan Codex, taken from textbook.

I’ve spent the morning tweaking a scene and adding in descriptives. Mwahahaha! It gave a fellow writer chills when I ran it by her.  EXCELLENT!

* steeples fingers in smug satisfaction*

In case you were wondering,  Valkyrie’s Curse is not a contemporary romance like Red Wine & Roses. There is a love interest but it’s not the main plot. I’ve been sharing  as I work through revisions over on my blog for Sunday Snippets.

My best writing buddy has challenged me.  The gauntlet has been thrown down and I am accepting it.  We are pushing each other  as we work through our current WIP in our race to get to the next thing.  Is it weird that I am finding strange delight in  creating a psychopathic killer?

Well, that was an awkward silence!  I’ll leave you with this  to scrub the stains from your mind.

The world always seems fresher after the storm, . . . and perhaps a nice glass of Riesling.

Till next time,



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