I was told that I looked like a kid on Christmas morning when I got home last night. My largest swag order made it’s way to my house yesterday. I was practically jumping up and down in excitement.

Now I have my rack cards and a majority of my swag. I also ordered a special piece of swag for a select few. That came in with the large swag order.

I have also ordered a new table banner. I already had a banner for the series but this one is my logo for the front of the table. Vistaprint always shows you how your design will look on other items and I always end up buying at least one more item from those. That should be coming soon.

The first book is about 3/4 of the way through the re-edit and will hopefully be ready to be re-released before the first event in April. That is moving along and I am loving every minute of it!

I have paid for all of my events for 2016 and have started to look at events for 2017. I already have one booked and a deposit placed on that one. My hubby keeps trying to tell me to calm down, but I just don’t think that is possible.

I am so excited to have all of this and preparing to meet readers that will possibly give my books a try and may even (dare I hope?) like or even love them.

Yes, some of the conferences are for me to learn from other authors. However, my main focus is still on the readers. I was a reader myself from a young age so I know what they are feeling as they meet authors of the books that they fell in love with. Oh, who am I kidding??? I still go all fan girl when I meet an author of books that I loved! I find it hard to believe that they view me as anything more than a fan. They consider me an equal and an author. Sometimes, I still have a hard time believing that is me.

~ Miranda logo 01


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