week 7 – Glitter in the Air


By Abyrne | May 9, 2013

Some days, life is a drag. I know it. You know it. It’s the worst kept secret for most all of us….when we’re having an off day. As a writer this is lethal. The reader is seldom looking to learn that their hero author is under in some way, and certainly not long term. I have found this to be true recently, but also I have learned that sometimes the best thing out there is the truth when things are going contrary to the grain. I have been battling a serve bout of pancreatitis for 8 weeks now, and I have come to find that while I have not gotten as much done in my writing work as I would like to claim, I have learned first hand the value of people and their compassion for things outside of my control.

How does this fit with our skills for writing? Well, in thinking about it, sometimes the day is just going to be a bad day, and some days are just going to go right out the window if you let them. Turning the tide is usually easier said than done, but there is something about the wonder of glitter that we’ve had since we were kids…putting it on paper, gluing it to things, shaking it in a bottle of water…that brings a smile to almost everyone (except the one who has to clean it up – and maybe them too). So in the interest of being present for the magic of a day, bring some of your own (outside might be best) and try just tossing a handful of glitter in the air and watching it twinkle. If for no other reason that to forget for a moment, that today hasn’t been so great, and maybe just maybe it will take a turn for you.

“When we long for life without difficulties, remember that oaks grow stronger in contrary wind and diamonds are made under pressure.” ~Peter Marshall


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