It All Started with a Dream….

It all started with a dream. A daydream, that is. But does it matter if it was a dream played out in your sleeping mind’s eye or if it sprouted while your eyes were wide open and your conscious fully aware? For some, probably not. For me, yes. I am rarely able to recall the dreams of my sleeping mind once I’m awake. There are weeks and months that I’m not even sure I do dream. However, the last couple of weeks, I have been aware when I am dreaming. I can remember thinking “this would make a good book” or “I need to write this down” but once awake the dreams slips from my mind like wisps of mist through my fingertips, and I am left with the knowing of having dreamt but not recalling the details.

Daydreams, on the other hand, for me are easier to hold on to. Easier to recall even when reverie is interrupted by the goings on of the day. I have always been a daydreamer. I think about it now, and have to wonder if I had gone through grade school during the last 20 years and got reprimanded as much as I did, if the school system would have insisted on my being put on some sort of ADD medicine. How many children are put on these meds, simply because their imaginations have quietly carried them away from the activity going on around them? It’s a good question, and soooo not where I was going with this post. *SQUIRREL!*

How ever your dreams manifest….reach for them. Go after them. Chase them. But most of all…Believe in them and yourself, and never give them up.

Until next week…Happy reading!




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