Things are coming together

As it gets closer to the time that conferences and events begin for the year I get more excited. I love going to conferences and events. I love meeting new people. I really love meeting people that are just as passionate about books that I am.

There is something different about people that have a love of books. While not everyone that shares in this love is an author, they are all just as important. Without readers we would have no reason to write books.

Readers get so excited to go to these events and meet the authors of the books that they love. As a new author I completely understand that excitement. I have a hard time remembering that some of those readers are even excited to meet me. I still have fan girl moments where I am amazed to be meeting an author of a book that I have loved.

I have even become friends with some of my favorite authors. That is a feeling that is so foreign and exciting to me. I love that I can chat with an author about a book of theirs that I am reading. While not everyone gets that chance I promise you all that any author you read is humbled and very thankful for you to even read their book. To contact them and tell them that you love their work, is to give them the best gift you can.

I feel more like a reader than an author at most of the events. The best feeling I have experienced as an author was at an event in Kentucky. I had a girl about 12 years old that told me that she wanted to be an author and asked for any advise I could give her. For someone to come to me and ask for advise was an amazing feeling.

Because of my love of books and the enjoyment I get from these events I try to make sure that everything is thought of and I have a plan for how to help the readers enjoy the event as much as possible.

I have worked on getting at least the first book in my series re-released before my first event of the year. I have decided on all the swag that I will be ordering. I have started to order the swag. Being on a budget I have to order in batches.

The first event that I am going to is a conference. I have planned out my time while I am there. I have a very busy schedule for that conference but I wanted to make sure that I got as much as I could out of the experience as well as giving the readers an experience that they will cherish.

As everything comes together I get even more excited. I can’t wait to get there. This is what I love. I get to meet people that are looking for another author that they love. They come by my table and give my books a chance. I can’t ask for more than that. I am humbled that they give my work a chance. This journey is a roller coaster and one that I have no intention of exiting anytime soon.

Until next week, keep reading and making this a wonderful journey for me.

~ Miranda


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