Here’s the plan …

I still have a few days to go before I get my edits back from the Boss. That’s left me with time on my hands that, for the most part, I’ve spent productively.

Book 2 has been completed and is now in the land of Revisions. I’ve decided I like the working title and am keeping it. I have a mock up of the cover. By that I mean I have an idea of what I want. My cover artist will do the actual designing because she’s a genius.

Book 3 is simmering on a burner. I’m still taking notes but I have an idea of where it’s going. Writing the outline will be the next step. I’ve got a working title and a mock up for that cover too.

Book 4. I know who the main characters are going to be. I’ve got an idea for the cover, at least the couple. No title yet.

Book 5 will see the last of the Elite Guardians meeting their mates and bringing the series to an end. Well, as of right now, that’s the plan. It’s a four year plan. Book 3 will be a novella, so I’m thinking there will be two published in one year. We’ll see how things pan out.

My swag is coming along nicely. I made some that I’m really pleased with. And I figure if I like it enough to want to keep it, it must be OK. LOL I’ve also been working on stuff that will be for the individual warriors. I’ve got swag ideas for the series.

I’ve got a web site in the works too. Well, I’ve got the domain name anyway. I’m going to wait on this project at least until my book has been released and is available for purchase.

Except for Phoenix Rising, everything else is an idea, a thought, a plan in the works. But that’s the kind of things that keep me going. A girl has to have goals.

Till next week,

~ Madison



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