Week 6 – EFF you!

Sitting here, I know I need to get back on track with our alphabet adventure thru the things that make us great, and I fully admit today, my brain has shouted “EFF” you. It’s not that there aren’t 1001 things that could be said, should be said or need to be said…it’s that in my mind, the world has diluted down to pieces and parts. Perhaps that is the “F” word for today. Fragment.

Every story starts with one, a piece of something that becomes something else and something bigger. So what are your pieces? My fragments today are learning that it is not enough to love a person with your being if they doubt that it’s there, understanding and communication cannot be accomplished by one person alone, my office space is sorely missing enough desk space for all the pieces that are lying on the floor, and there is a root bound peace lily from my brother in laws funeral four years ago that either needs to be re-potted or given a shot of coffee, cuz it’s looking like the grey dismal that exists beyond the window.

SO….of these fragments, which one is the story? Answer? Every. Last. One. The difference between what makes us good and what makes us great as writers is that we all know the tale of fact. We know the why for the plant, the day, the scattered bits, the unspoken words and the miscommunicated affection. The part that makes it great is when we stop seeing what is, and see what could be. Every thing, every fragment, every moment is the opening line of a story that you can take and run with or leave unchallenged. What do you choose?

For me, in no particular order, the stories are the rift of ocean that prevented the message from reaching target and the journey to deliver it in person, the fickle Fae that dies with the plant without the sun and a shot of coffee, the ransacked pages that revealed everything but the piece of information that was needed and the ensuing game of predator-prey, and the shouted communication between two geriatric patients in their beds, neither wearing their hearing aid.

What are your fragments? What opening lines are sitting in front of your face waiting for you to see them? What “EFF” you message is the word giving you to look harder, but simpler at the world around you and turn yourself loose to make something more? Do yourself a favor, go look in the mirror and really look at the reflection, but also at the background and shout “EFF YOU”. Then blink and look again. What is it that you see that wasn’t there the first time? Now go tell the story. -Abyrne


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