Another Iron In the Fire

The first draft  sat in my folder more or less since last November when I started the second of the series during Nanowrimo. I like nanowrimo because  it keeps me focused and on task. Unfortunately, I also find that my first draft is at times like vomited words on the page.

Not a pretty sight. Not at all.

I let it sit during the first week on December as I was finishing up  the nano project. Halfway through December I started on my revisions and editing. *Headdesk*  I learned during revisions to Red Wine & Roses that although Dragon Naturally Speaking software is fantastic for getting the words down on the page,  it leaves somewhat to be desired  in translation. I’ve had my daughter go in the other room, while I say the sentences a couple of times through. In between fits of laughter, we try it at different speeds and intonation, trying to figure out what in the world it was I said originally.

It can be like a crazy game of madgab only without the key.

There are times that I have  decided – Oh forget it!  – and completely rewrote the scene. It’s slow progress for me. It’s difficult to stay on task.  Enter the beta read and editing dun dun dun . . . .

This is fresh, new, a story I have never heard.


I work away  on the edits, well . . . until real life interruptions demand my attention. Then I feel guilty because I am not working on  my own work so I bargain with myself that if I do three more chapters on the book I am editing, then I write a chapter on my own, or revise three chapters of my own.

It’s been a slow train this week between headaches, upset stomach, and lack of connectivity. (we live in the styx –  in a dead zone – in the woods, well partially in the woods – not within reasonable walking distance of anything.)

In fact I am contemplating the purchase of a new ink cartridge and print  this  manuscript out and do it the old-fashioned way. I’m afraid though that my victim, I mean client will be terrified and discouraged with the sea of red. It isn’t all that bad really, but as authors we tend to deflate rather quickly with more than  five marks on a page. It’s true.

I found out at the beginning of the week that a former client did not receive her manuscript  edits back.  I have searched my emails and eventually found it. I got one of those  notices that it didn’t go through due to the file size. UUUUGGGGGHHHH! So, I broke it out into four parts.  Of course, since I had it open I looked at it with fresh eyes. Hmmm, I think there may be a few more calls.

AND AGAIN, now I have another iron in the fire. I swear sometimes I have the attention span of an eight year old on a sugar buzz. There’s no getting around it though, it was supposed to go back to the author back in October! With that time-table I do believe the snail mail method would at least arrive in a more timely factor, well worth the price of shipping because it would come with tracking!

Sometimes the old ways are the best way to go. Meanwhile I need to stoke my fire to  keep all these irons hot.

Till next time




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