Re-size, not revise

Warrior’s Watchtower is coming out again. The interior files, with the exception of all the ‘big black dots’ has not changed, so if you’re content with your copy… Ooo-rah, enjoy.

The book has been resized down to 5.5 x 8.5 to match up with Oracle on the shelf and Kingdoms Fall which will be out in about five weeks. It’s getting a full wrap cover too. Pretty snazzy. It is not quite done as of yet, just a couple little squitches to do, but I thought mayhap you’d like a peek….yes?

Yes! (2) (3)

Dontcha jest LOVE IT!

I DO!!

Should be familiar, as the base image is the same for the front. Say buh-bye to your purple box copies, or hang onto them…  I’ve spotted at least 2 unique things that will not make it to the re-released edition. *big grin* They’re collectors editions. 🙂

I’ll share the cover for the upcoming Kingdoms Fall in a few weeks…I’m jacked sky-high for that one!

See you on the pages. ~Aedan



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