It’s mocking me

As you know we are in the editing process and polishing my current series. That means the spin-off trilogy I was working on was put on hold. I could keep working on it but I am so absorbed by edits and preparing for upcoming events I just don’t have the brain power.

When I am writing I have a white board that sits across from me. On that board are what everyone in my house considers different colored scribbles. To me it is a life-line. I can look up at that board and in seconds find the detail that I need so everything stays consistent in my books.

This white board has names, hair color, eye color, parents, siblings, significant others, even pets and their names. I can look up so when someone is gazing into the eyes of someone else I can have the correct color of those eyes.

Since I have already written the first two books in the trilogy my whiteboard has a lot of info on it right now. As the third book is clamoring around in my head waiting it’s turn the whiteboard mocks me every time I sit down at my computer.

I sit down and if I look up I see the board with is unfinished info and am reminded that story is still waiting for it’s turn. All the info is there for me to continue and finish out the trilogy but it has to wait it’s turn.

I have to admit that the unfinished board is not only mocking me but making me crazy. I hate to have things sit there unfinished. I don’t want to blur the lines between the original series and the spin-off so I have to continue to deal with the mocking.

It does keep me motivated though. With that board sitting there and the third book impatiently waiting and the stand alone that I have planned for after that is starting to throw it’s hat in the ring, it keeps me on track on the editing and polishing.

The sooner I get the edits and polishing done the sooner I can move on to the next book. This is keeping me very motivated and ready to work. Now, if I can just explain this to the characters of the next couple of books.


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