Multitasking at its best …

I used to be such a focused creature. I was always the type that had to finish one project before I started another one. I have changed. Not sure if it’s because I’m older and have become more flexible about things or because I’m now writing and my structure of doing things is different. I find the way I look at things, and go about things, has changed drastically.

This past week has been productive for me. Since sending Phoenix Rising off to the publisher waiting to be edited, I’ve been working on Book 2. Good news, I finished today. Now, revisions begin.

The glitch is that ideas for Book 3, and even Book 4, are circling in for a landing. My head is constantly thinking of plots, characters and how to make things come together. I’m constantly taking notes, working on character bios, and searching for the perfect muse that brings my character to life for me. I’m full of details with no story as of yet. It’s a lot frustrating and more than a little scary. I refuse to let myself dwell on it. It will come when the time is right. And that time is not now.

On top of the writing frenzy, I’m working on swag. I’m constantly looking for ideas. There are tons of great stuff out there. Have to watch the pennies though, so I’m learning to be thrifty and creative. Believe me, that’s really hard for me. Thriftiness is harder for me than creativity. LOL

I’m also working on a costume for a ball I’m attending in Atlanta. Again, this is calling for thriftiness and creativity. And a hell of a lot of ribbon. I’m hoping it turns out as well in reality as it looks in my mind’s eye. Time will tell.

So, I will continue to work on all my projects, apparently all at the same time. All while continuing to hold down the day job and tend to other responsibilities as well. Just like every other woman out there. I’m no different than you. Well, probably not as creative when it comes to the making of crafty items. Give me time, I’m working on it.

Till next week,


~ Madison


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