In everything that you do you have to prepare. As an author preparing for the signing season is very important. I have been fumbling my way through but I think I am starting to figure it out.

There are many different types of signing events. You can go to a full blown conference/convention, a two day event with parties/activities and a signing, a full day signing with an after party or just a couple of hours small signing event.

Last year was my first experience going to any events. I did go to a variety of them. They all have their good points and bad points. The one thing that is the same for all of them is the insane amount of time and resources that goes into preparing for each of them.

The more that I go to the more I realize that each types takes a different level of preparation. It depends on what all is involved on what you will need to do in preparation. No matter the amount of preparation involved, the stress I put myself through is the same.

I will stress about the small events just as much as I do the large ones. I feel that every event is important. Each one has the same purpose. Find people that will enjoy my stories. That is what it is all about.

The common misconception is that it is about selling books. For some authors that may be true. For me, that is not what my goal is. I have always enjoyed the escape I can get from a book. I want to give that same enjoyment to others.

So, I prepare for the events. I try and find a way to entice people to my table so that they can consider my books. That is all I ask, give my stories a chance. If you hear about them and decide they are not for you, then please move on to the next table and find one that you will enjoy. You won’t hurt my feelings by not buying my book if it is not something that you will enjoy. However, if it is something that peaks your interest, then hopefully, you will find the enjoyment that I intended.

As I prepare for the beginning of my new season and my first event in April I will try my best to order the stuff that will entice you to my table and hope to find some readers that will give me the best gift they can, to just enjoy my books.

Until next week, keep reading whatever books it is that you enjoy!


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